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Bull Pen and Semen Sales
Tucker is proudly co-owned with Elijah and Alicia of Red Belle Farm
Dunn 75% Highland cross
Chondro positive and disbudded
Sir;Apollo Dam;Cutie Pie
Mature height @38"
Our Little Acres Tucker miniature Highland bull
What can I say? I love Tucker and think he is the dream bull and knew from the day he was born that he was special. He's compact, correct, and has the absolute best disposition a person could want when it comes to adding sweetness to your pet calf productions.  We have a few straws available for purchase and we are hopeful that we will be adding heifer straws in the near future.
Tucker at 2yrs 8months mini highland cross
*Straws available on Tucker are $200.00 per unit.
*Shipping is buyers responsibility.
*These straws are for conventional use only, not for embryo production     or resale.
fullblood mini Highland bull, Lochlan
Our Little Acres is excited to introduce Lochlan. At 6 years old Loch is small framed, 42" topline, great hair, good feet, bear like head, beautiful horns, and a very calm personality. He came from an AHCA beef farm where his previous owner complained about his mother “No matter what bull I breed her to, her calves stayed exceptionally small.”
Gorgeous Highland bull in miniature at Our Little Acres
We were able to confirm this by seeing 2 of
his full brothers, a full sister, and his niece. His younger brother at age 3 stood at 39", his 7 year old sister was 42", and her(Lochs sisters) 4 year old daughter stood just slightly taller than her mother.  Lochlan is co-owned with Red Belle Farm who purchased his mother Sugar.  Loch is a Fullblood Highland that is truly small and I'm very excited to use him on my Chondro girls for 2024 calves in the hopes of bringing down size while adding hair, so who wants to join us on this new adventure? Also, just look at those stunning, healthy horns! 

We have Heifer straws available on Lochlan for approved midsized cows.
Loch is proudly co-owned with Red Belle Farms, Elijah and Alicia
Dunn fullblood Highland
Sire;black Dam;white
*Heifer straws available from Loch are 350.00 to approved midsized cows.
*Buyer is responsible for shipping.
*These straws are for conventional use only, not for embryo production or resale.
Chubbs is a shorty bull
 Chubbs is a tiny tank of a bull. He has a wonderful disposition, loads of hair and makes some little babies. Chubbs is 87.5% Highland, chondro positive and heterozygous black, so he can make other color besides black. Chubbs is a son of Cesar and Sparkles, she was 39" at 5yrs and 100% Highland.
*Straws available on Chubbs are $150.00 per unit.
*Shipping is buyers responsibility.
*These straws are for conventional use only, not for embryo production or resale.
Cesar our handsome HighPark bull
-Sire of Baby Eevee, Cutie Pie, and Chubbs. Grandsire to Tucker.
-Reference bull only as we sold Cesar to Pandarosa Ranch.

 Cesar was the start of it all!  When we purchased him, his color was being referred to as a white Highland and

we knew that wasn't right, so we needed to think of something cute and catchy. It sure helps to have the creative mind of

a child to brainstorm with and after tossing around a few combinations, the word HighPark was the perfect fit for

such a showstopping look.   

Cesar HighPark herd sire at Our Little Acres

It's important to acknowledge that mini HighParks really started getting exposure in 2014 when a man

named Chris Jessen started offering me ridiculous amounts of money for Cesar.  People on FB were thinking he'd

lost his mind! They'd ask Chris "does he do dishes" or respond "Ill sell my sister for that much money"

Mind you, the amount he offered was 6,000.00 and possibly up to 8,000.00 which is on the low end today,

but that was the turning point and their future has never looked brighter.

 I'm happy to call Chris my friend as he is kind, funny and an interesting guy. Who wouldn't want a friend

that is a stand in for Santa with his reindeer during the Christmas season?

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