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Mini cows for sale

Feel free to give me a call if you have interest in a specific calf.
We are very excited to meet all of
the new floofy poofs!
All 2024 calves below are sired by Lochlan
 Mac is our last mama to calve, he due date is July 27th.
This mini cow is FOR SALE
Poppy's stunning heifer with her tiny snub nose is going to be the
perfect addition to anyone's pasture!   
This little is 81.25% Highland, disbudded, dunn and suspected chondro positive(we will test) 
We're expecting this babe to be just as sweet as her mama!
Poppy 2024 mini Highland heifer for sale.jfif
This mini cow is FOR SALE
Cutie Pie had this handsome fella on July 3rd. He may need a patriotic name. He is a go getter as he was up and nursing in minutes after coming into the world. We couldn't be happier with this handsome little dude! We suspect he is chondro positive (we will test to be certain) dunn,87.5% Highland and disbudded.
Cutie Pies 2024 Bullcalf for sale.jfif
This mini cow is FOR SALE
Penelope had this cute babe on June 20th,2024.
This pretty girl is 87.5% Highland, dunn, disbudded and suspected chondro positive(we will test to be certain) She is a bouncy
but, sweet little girl that loves scratches.
Penelopes 2024 mini Highland heifer for sale.jfif
Lady Bug decided she was having this absolutly stunning HighPark heifer in the most difficult way possible!
Lucky for us our vets were just a phone call away and saved the day, Lady Bug and this babe by performing a Csection. That was not really what we had in mind for June 18th but, we are glad she's here and that she is happy and healthy!
This little gal is 75% Highland, Brindle(Wild Red) HighPark and suspected
non chondro and disbudded.
Bugs 2024 mini highpark highlam.jfif
This mini cow is FOR SALE
Not to be outdone by Lolli, Bitty decided that the evening of June 1st
was going to be the day she introduced us to her adorable
and aptly named daughter, Sweetie.
Sweetie is the epitome of her name....sooo sweet!
Sweetie is 75% Highland, disbudded, non chondro and yellow.
Sweetie will be mooving to New York
Sweetie Ravens mid mini Highland girl 2024
This mini Highland is FOR SALE
Lolli had this absolutely stunning girl on the morning of June 1st.
We've decided that Junie fit her fine! Junie is 100% Highland
with a thick coat.  Lolli is 44' tall and Loch is 42.5" tall.
Junie is disbudded, dunn and non chondro
Junie will be mooving to Texas!
Mini Highland cow for sale Junie, Lollis 2024 heifer.jfif
This mini cow is FOR SALE
Baby Eevee does it again! This is her 4th calf and
4th HighPark babe...I'm in LOVE!
Isn't he to die for?  He is just gorgeous and the only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been if he were a she ;0
This fella is disbudded, a dunn pointed Mini HighPark, 
chondro negative, and 93.75% Highland.

Brody is mooving to Connecticut.
Baby Eevee's 2024 HighPark Highland for sale.jfif
This cutie patootie was brought into this world in a hurry!
Raven wasted no time in having him and he was born after only
8 min of pushing labor on May 18th, 2024 
He has been disbudded, is non chondro, and 84.375%  miniature Highland. 
We are going to watch him grow a bit before deciding if he will be for sale
as a pet steer or a bull.

Ravens 2024 mini highland for sale.jfif
This mini cow is FOR SALE
Puddin is such an awesome mama, she makes sure
this sweet boy gets all the love!
This little guy was born in the early morning on May 17th,2024.
He was up and nursing in no time flat...He's a go getter!
He is disbudded, 100% Highland and will be a small midsized.
His parents are Dam;41"  Sire;42.5"
He will sell as a steer.
Brock will moove to Connecticut.
Puddins 2024 mini cow for sale.jfif
Deposit accepted
on Peaches
This mini cow is FOR SALE
This pretty little girl was born on Mother's Day, what a lovely surprise!
She is dainty with a beautiful red coat. This cutie is non chondro, polled and 50% Highland 50% Lowline...A HighLow?? ;)      Dam is Little Red and Sire is Lochland. 
I expect this little girl to stay miniature.
Peaches will hop the boarder to Minnesota.
Reds mini cow for sale 2024 heifer.jfif
Calves below have gone to live in their forever homes.
This mini cow is FOR SALE


Our Little Steel Your Heart is an absolutely stunning bull calf out of Cutie Pie. He is a very light dunn that carries the wild type, 87.5% Highland, disbudded, and chondro positive  He was born on July 19th, 2023. Steel will be a wonderful addition to any breeding program and is sure to make beautiful babies when it's his time. 

Steel mini Highland bull at weaning
This mini cow is FOR SALE 

Our Little Pretty Boy is simply spectacular! He has the hair and build, add that he's a HighPark and he is a perfect package. One that we couldn't be more proud to have produced.  Dunn pointed carries the wild type, 93.75% Highland, chondro positive and horned. Pretty Boy is a Baby Eevee son, born on April 18th,2023.

Pretty Boy HighPark dream bull
Below are past calves that are now living their best lives. I hope you enjoy looking over our quality babies.
Frankie is a mini Highland at Our Little Acres
Our Little Pretty Boy a Mini HighPark
mini Highland cross calf for sale
Mini Highland for Easter
Tiny Tim a mini Highland cross calf
Our Little Steel Your Heart, baby mini Highland
mini Highland calf for sale at Our Little Acres
New born mini Highland calf
Baby Star mini Highland at Our Little Acres
Pretty Boy a HighPark at Our Little Acres
Mr. Incredible Mini HighPark at Our Little Acres
Tiny Tim 2023
HighPark heifer at Our Little Acres
Puddins 2023 heifer
Sweet mini HighPark
Our Little Acres Tucker 75% mini Highland
Baby Reign mini HighPark
Mini Highland at Our Little Acres
Calves start arriving in the spring at Our Little Acres. We will have heifers for sale, steers for sale and bull calves for sale during each season. 

Why Miniature Cows?

  • Why not?
  • Mini cows can be as much as 1/3 the size of a standard sizes cow.
  • Miniature cows enjoy being petted and brushed.
  • Mini cows eat much less then a traditional sized cow.
  • Mini cows require less land to thrive on.
  • Miniature cows do less damage to the land since they weigh less and have smaller hooves.
  • Mini cows are easier to handle then standard sized cows.
  • Miniature cows make great pets when they are handled and cared for properly.
  • Miniature cows have been a joy to own and help reduce stress.
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