Miniature Cows for Sale

Ready to go to work. Midsize mini bull for sale on my bulls page.


When looking to purchase your mini cows please be careful and here are a few tips to protect 

 yourself and your money

  • Speak with the breeder on the phone before ever deciding on a calf. 
  • Steer clear of high pressure sales.  
  • Know the value of Miniature cattle. 

  • If it seems to good to be true, it most likely is.

There are a few scammers on social media that are posing as me, please be aware. 

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So exciting, calves are arriving!
We are expecting 12 calves sired by Rudy, see him on our bulls page.

Mini cows are for sale in the spring through summer at Our Little Acres.
scroll down to see mini cows for sale.


Here at Our Little Acres we believe in quality over quantity.

We choose mini cows for our program that will produce

 well conformed, healthy, and adorabull calves.

Our mini cows are for sale in the spring.

We pair a bull that best matches a cow for calves that are highly sought after.

We always know who is bred to whom as we have 2 breeding pens.

Our Little Acres coined the word HighPark in 2014.

*All calves are polled or disbudded (no Horns)


2023 calves are listed below.  Heifer calves will be offered to my waiting list first, if the calf comes available it will say FOR SALE next to their info and photo.


Our Little Pretty Boy

Baby Eevee has made me so very proud!
 This stunning fellow was born 4/18/23
 and "My goodness!" is all I can say about that.
 He is 21" tall, suspected chondro positive(will test to verify) 93.75% Highland with a dense coat,
 and a dun pointed HighPark with a gorgeous head.  This pretty boy checks ALL the boxes!
He is going to make some beautiful babies
 in the future. He will be horned.


Our Little Remy

Deposit accepted

This mini cow is FOR SALE

Our sweet girl Raven had this super hairy 

baby boy on 4/21/23, her exact due date. I expect this bull to have the same awesome disposition as every singe one of Ravens calves. This guy is suspected chondro positive(will test to verify) 

a tiny thing at 20.5" tall, 84.375% Highland and sporting a thick dun coat. This handsome boy

 will make a wonderful herd sire. 

He will be horned.  


Our Little Mayhem
Deposit accepted
This mini cow is FOR SALE
Bull $7000.00/Steer $3000.00

Little Red had this adorable baby boy 5/1/23. 
We had our work cut out for us as mamma's teat wax was stuck on good (or bad in this case)  Although Red is a sweet girl, she wasn't keen on me opening them and after a few kicks to my hand and arm, we decided to hem her up.  Once her teats were open and baby was at the milk bar all was fine. Hence his name, Mayhem.   He is 50% Highland/50% Lowline so a HighLow, but he sure did get the hair gene! Yellow and I believe horned
 (Red is polled) non chondro by parentage
 and 23" tall day 2.  Mayhem is disbudded.


Our Little Stargazer

Hold pending DNA

Mac had this little beauty on 5/8/2023. 

Stargazer (named for her patch of white in her dossan) is a bottle baby. We are sending

 in her DNA to verify but, we are certain

 she is chondro positive, 93.75% Highland, 

yellow and a miniature. 

Star has been disbudded.


Our Little Buttercream

SOLD pending pick up

Puddin's little girl is going to be gorgeous

  with a thick, dense, yellow coat.

 She arrived 5/9/2023 and we are working

 on a name for her, maybe another sweet treat name like her mamma's.  She is purebred Highland and I expect her to be a

 small midsized at maturity.

She has been disbudded and is on a bottle.


Our Little Tiny Tim

HOLD pending deposit

This tiny little guy is the first calf from Tucker! His mamma is a first time heifer who

 had this fellow with ease on May 12th.

 He is 19" tall and 37lbs on day 1. 

We are ecstatic with his tiny self!  He is dun in color and he will be miniature in size.

This cutie is 62.5% Highland and will be fluffy.


Our Little Pollie Bear

Deposit accepted

This little bear was born to Fina on May 17th. He has crop ear, so he is going to make a perfect pet steer!

 We were quite suprised to see a white calf (our very first one) as it was only a 12.5% chance, but genetics are funny that way. 

This guy is a hairy bugger at 78% Highland.

He is just as sweet as he is fluffy!



Who's Next??? We have 4 maybe 5 more mamas to calf  this 2023 season.

All the 2022 calves below are sired by Apollo,

are sold, and they're living their best life! 


This brindle mini Highland baby has MOOved to FL.

She has been named Buttercup

Lolli had her sweet, red heifer calf on her due date! 

July 8th was a very good day <3 

This pretty pumpkin is non chondro,

 disbudded and 87.5% Highland


This mini cow is 



Awwww, this sweet miniature Highland guy is a beautiful dun with a very thick, dense coat.

He is 87.5% Highland and I expect him to be a small midsize at maturity.

He is on the bottle and is being sold as a pet steer.

*Call me if you have interest in this cutie*


 This adorable mini cow has SOLD

Vinnie is just like his dam, personality Plus!

 He was born June 13th and is chondro neg, disbudded, 

dun HighPark coloration and 71.875 Highland.


This mini cow for sale is 


Baby Eevee has made me so proud! 

This little stunner is beautifully marked. I love the little extra white in her's the only reason she's not 

perfectly marked. 

This gorgeous girl is a black pointed HighPark

 at 81.25% Highland.

I suspect she is Non chondro, if she were 

chondro positive she would never leave

(no matter what hubby says ;0 )


This mini cow for sale is 



Cutie Pie had this adorable heifer on May 15th. We were happy as ever to be able to witness her arrival.

 Mama did a great job as usual with a

 quick delivery and

 attentive skills in clean up. Baby was up and

 nursing in short order after I checked to make 

sure all teats were open and the 

all important colostrum was flowing.

This sweet babe will have a black coat color, 

most likely with red highlights and 75% Highland. 

This is Tuckers full, little sister

Chondro negative suspected.


All of the mini cows below have been sold and are living their best lives! :)



This mini cow is FOR SALE

O.K. O.Kaa.! 

I know I shouldn't have favorites, Buuut, Cinnamon 

saved the best for last!

This gorgeous girl was born on

Oct. 10th, 2021

I can NOT get enough of her beautiful face.

She is a yellow, possible red

HighPark and 75% Highland,

disbudded and chondro negative.




This min cow is FOR SALE  

Mac delivered this sweet little heifer 

on 9/24/2021

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!

This little pumpkin is yellow, 

81.25% Highland

 and will be disbudded.




Jules graced us with this pretty,

yellow boy on May 24th. 

We watched her from afar all day and

 just before dark, she delivered him

 right next to the pond. 

We quickly gathered him up and put

 them in a lean to for the night, whew!

This boy will be midsized, chondro neg.

 and 81.25% Highland


Raven had this perfect dun bull calf on May 13th. He is very short and I'm certain chondro positive.

Measured just under 20" on day 4. He is disbudded and 71.875% Highland.

Dam raised and 4 months. Halter pic was 1st day handled and after we combed and cut out hundreds of burdock.


This mini cow is FOR SALE as a Bull


mini highpark heifer
heifer of puddin 2021


Finally a heifer, Thank you Puddin!

Born on May 12th.

I expect this girl to have a extreme coat.

She is a gorgeous 

dun pointed  HighPark a

87.5% Highland.

This mini cow is



Mr. Incredible is 


Baby Eevee's boy is Really 

something special!!

I just can't get over his beauty.  * 0 *

He was born on May the 7th. 

He is disbudded and measured

 in at 23" on day 3.

He is 81.25% Highland making him

 a HighPark.

mini highpark bull for sale
baby Eevee boy so handsome


dun mini highland bull

Tucker will stay

with us.

Cutie Pie had this handsome

 boy on May 5th., we call him Tucker.

He is a tiny little guy at 20" on day 2.

He is 75% Highland, disbudded

 and I'm sure chondro positive. 

He is just adorable with his hazel eyes, 

just like mama!

micro mini bull calf


All Calves listed below are 2020 calves
and are living their best lives in their Furever homes.

Thank You!


mini cows for sale in wi
Christmas cows for sale
sparkles miniature heifer


This Little will be called Lila

by her new family. 

Dec. 11th 2020 Sparkles graced us 

with this amazing little girl. 

She will grow to be a beauty, 

just like her Mama!



Flynn, now called Oreo

 by his new faMOOly, is

 just as sweet as he can be. 

He was born on Aug 16th 2020. 

Oreo will be mooving to TX.

mini beltie cow for sale
mini cows for sale


Lollis highland heifer


Midsized Mini


4 month old heifer calf out of a 44" Cow

This little girl is being sold as  midsized at maturity.

she is a very sweet girl who has been disbudded. 

she is curious and will start halter training soon.

please call for details.



Midsized Mini


4.5 month old heifer out of a 42" cow.

This little sweetie is a bit more shy then her half sister, but once halter training starts she'll come around.

She is being sold as midsized at maturity and disbudded.

please call for details.

sweeties highland heifer


Cherry Bomb is a HighPark with red points


This mini cow is FOR SALE


Jules surprised us with this gorgeous girl on 

July 19th. Perfectly marked with deep red points.

This little will be  midsized at @43" at

 maturity and is polled.  

Meet Cherry Bomb!


This calf is SOLD


Cinnamon had this this little girl on June 1st.

She is stinkin cute and all attitude!!!

This Little one is yellow brindle.

Hello Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawberry Shortcake a mini Highland cross
mini HighPark steer at

This calf is SOLD

Puddin had this flashy boy on May 2nd

We had to leave and run and errand that day.

A quick check on the expectant mom before leaving, nothing going on here.

Come home 2 hrs later to this beautiful fellow,

Great Job Puddin!


This calf is SOLD

This Little lady may just steal the show!

Ravens gorgeous baby was born on April 29th.

Flash, Splash, and all that Sass!

We couldn't be more proud. :)

This girl is a princess, so her name is Reign.

beautiful HighPark heifer at
Miniature Highland cross heifer


This mini cows 


Cutie Pie sure was tricky! 

she showed no signs of calving so we were not watching her. Early morning on April 26th to our delight, we find this pretty girl!

She's a doll with a unique reddish tan

 tummy, ears and cheeks. Because we are uncertain

of her color we are selling her as black.

Her Mama named her Baby.


SOLD 2019 Calves


This mini cows


Bubs is living the good life in Oregon. 

He is his new moms best friend!

Say "Hello" to Eevee's 3/4 brother. 

We are expecting a beautiful,

thick, shaggy coat on this little man.

Bubbs is chondro positive.

Bubbs is the smallest Highland steer


Bolt is a HighPark steer
Big boy Bolt is a HighPark steer at



Halter trained and very sweet!

This mini cows


"Hollywood" will be midsize

Katydid had this handsome fellow 

right before dark on April 28th.

He was having a bit of trouble finding

the "milk bar" but with a bit of

 encouragement from Mama, Jerell and 

myself, he's successfully nursing.



Halter trained!

Mini cows



Sparkles is the proud mama of 

a darling little heifer we call Juliet.

She arrived on April 24th.

We expect this girl to mature approx. 42"

And have lots of hair. :)

Juliet was a miniature cow for sale


Ravens Baby HighPark heifer

This princess is 


Meet Raven's little "Sweetie" 

will be mooving to Wyoming

 She is just about as cute as they come!


HighPark Heifer at Our Little Acres

 This mini cow is for sale


Cinnamon had this fabulous baby boy 

on Sunday June 23rd,2019 

I'm so proud of her!

His name is now Kemps :) 


This mini cow is 


This little guy named Duncan

will be staying in MN.

 Joules had this tiny chondro positive bull calf 

on her due date, July 9th. 


Mini cows for sale at


HighPark mini HighPark heifer


Crickets adorable Heifer 

arrived after dark and it was cold.

 What's going on?? More blow drying. :)

This little girl was born on March 15th 

and is a sweet as she is cute!

She is living the good life in Florida.



Meet our Moo-ist addition!

Ginger had this  HighPark™ 

boy after dark on March 10th, 

and it was cold! 

We used the blow dryer til 3am 

to get him nice and cozy!

He is 87.5% Highland.

Ollie lives in Wisconsin.

Ollie a miniature cow for sale

2018 Calves

Ladys mini cow is for sale
Miniature cows for sale

Meet "Gus" 

He's sooo fluffy and handsome!

He is 87.5% Highland 

and non chondro,

he will be midsized. 

Gus loves racing circles

 in the pasture. 

This Mini Cow Is 

For Sale



Introducing "Eevee"

What an Adorabull Chondro positive HighPark™ heifer. Her birth date is 6/29/2018.

Eevee is as short as she is wide, her mama is Puddin so we are expecting great hair

on this girl as well as her Dam's short face. This mini cow is not for sale.

What a difference 9 months make.....WOW!

Baby Eevee is a micro mini cow
teenage miniature cows for sale


Miniature cow Ace, what a cutie
Ace is a mini cows he will be for sale


"Ace" is a little

 bull calf out of 

Raven and Domino.

Ace now called

Stuart was born on 6/29/2018.

What a little peanut, 

Ace is Chondro Positive.

he is 68.75% Highland.


Miniature cows for sale at Our Little Acres
Koda is a miniature cow for sale
Shorty is a miniature Highland cow


Hi, I'm "Koda"

Sparkles had this Mini Highland  

 boy on 6/3/2018.

We had No clue he was 

coming that day.

Koda is 87.5% Highland and I 

expect this miniature cow

 to mature around 38" tall.

He's as easy going as his birth was.

This mini cow 

FOR SALE as a Bull

Koda the Miniature Highland

has the "Hair" Factor down to a T!


Pumpkin Pie had this lovely

 little miniature Highland cross May 30th.

 "Mocha", is now called "Nessie" by her family.

Nessie loves following her "children" around.

They are smitten with their mini cow!

Nessie is High % Highland.

mini cow for sale.



My name is "Minnie"

May 2nd is when this pretty

 little mini cow was born.

Cricket and Domino sure did a

 good  job on this one!

mini cow for sale



"Gnomeo" is now being called Cocoa. 

His owner is 14 yrs old and loves him.

She is teaching Cocoa Agility and he's doing great! 

She says he's her Best Friend, Aww! 



Cup Cake had this fabulous little girl on 4/25/2017

Introducing, Dippin Dot

Can you see her LLOONNGG lashes?

Dot Is Chondro Positive.

This mini cow is for sale

Dots moooved to Nevada. 


  • mini cow dippin dots for sale
    I was much warmer in my mamma's tummy.
  • mini cow heifer for sale
    Yea for sunshine!!!
  • miniature cow for sale
    I'm Cute!
  • micro miniature cows for sale
    I'm 1 month old now! Whoop Whoop!
  • miniature micro cow for sale
    I'm stretching after my nap.
  • mini cow on halter for sale
  • mini cow lashes for sale
mini cow dippin dots for sale
I was much warmer in my mamma's tummy.


  • Motley Mue a mini cow for sale
    I'm gonna snuggle up here. I'ts cold outside,Brrrr
  • mini cows for sale at our little acresc
    "Well Hello"
  • our little acres has mini cows for sale
    I'm trying to take a sun nap.
  • Motley Mue a mini cow
    My momma thinks I'm Super handsome!
  • Mini cows for sale in MN
    I'm 1 month old. My dossen is getting fluffy.
  • Cookie is a mini cow for sale
    Here I am with my little sister Cookie.
Motley Mue a mini cow for sale
I'm gonna snuggle up here. I'ts cold outside,Brrrr

Not to be outdone.

Lady produced this Handsome bull calf  just 

1 hour after Cup Cake gave birth.

Truth be told, she was trying to steal Cup Cakes

 heifer and when we separated

the two she went right to work. Wallah!  

We'd like you to meet 

Motley Mue!!!!

(And the crowd goes wild)

Motley Mue is Chondro Negative.

Motleys new home will be in New Mexico.

Mini cow for sale



This mini cow is for sale  

Its a girl, and what a beaut!

Pumpkin Pie had this lovely lady at dawn on 5/3/2017.

Full sister to our Dom.

Cookie is Chonro Negative.

She is expected to mature around 42".

this mini cows for sale

SOLD to Victoria in Kansas

  • mini cow cookie for sale
    My mamma licked my hair straight up, I looked surprised.
  • halter training a mini cow for sale
    Halter training 101.
  • miniature cow for sale
    Blah! Halters are no fun....Yet.
  • adorable mini cow for sale
    I'm 3 weeks old and everyone says I'm pretty!
  • a herd of miniature cows for sale
    Here I am with my Big brother Motley Mue. My hair is soo white!
  • resting minature cows for sale
    I'm the big sister!
  • baby miniature cows for sale
    Dippin Dots and I like to pal around.
  • miniature cow will be for sale
mini cow cookie for sale
My mamma licked my hair straight up, I looked surprised.


  • miniature baby cows for sale
    I'm pretty spunky and wouldn't stand still for the picture.
  • adorable mini cows for sale
    See my pretty Dunn colored ears?
  • miniature cows for sale sleeping
    catching some ZZZZZZ's
  • joules is a mini cows for sale
    It's sooo wet, I wish the rain would stop. I'm 2 weeks old.
  • flash colored mini cows for sale
miniature baby cows for sale
I'm pretty spunky and wouldn't stand still for the picture.

We changed her name to Joules. 

Sparkles produced this Lovely HighPark 

                                  heifer with Dunn points.

WOW!  You just don't see this everyday.

 This mini cow was born June 1st, 2017.

Joules is sooo Adorabull!

I'm sorry but this mini cow will not be for sale.

Joules is staying here with us!


Butter Cup did it again!

This time it's a bull calf, He could be Cutie Pie's twin!

He was born on Sunday June 11th, early morning.

He is a gorgeous Dun color with the same Hazel eyes.

Tater is Chondro Positive. He will be a shortie! 

We just couldn't bring ourselves to steer him, Bruno is just to nice!

This Mini Bull calf is not for sale

  • mini bull cow will not be for sale
    Hello, I'm 3 days old today.
  • handsome mini cow/bull calf not for sale
mini bull cow will not be for sale
Hello, I'm 3 days old today.


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See the 2016 SOLD Highland cross calves below.

Our Little Acres Moochi

Moochi the HighPark

                       mini cow is going to

 his new home in California,

he's in a dog crate in the back 

of an SUV.  Love it!

Miniature cows for sale- sold

2 of these miniature HighPark™ are

getting their health check so they can

 go to their new homes.

SOOO Cute!


This mini cow will NOT be for sale

Cutie Pie will be staying at Our Little Acres

Buttercup had a little girl on 7/25/2016!

What a pretty thing with Hazel eyes,  and super tiny!

Just 20" at birth and she has only 

grown 5 inch in 4 months, 

I think she will  mature to be  Micro Mini.

weddings with miniature cows for sale


miniature cows for sale

This mini cow will NOT be for sale

Domino, a mini HighPark  bull calf will stay at 

Our Little Acres. 

Mini Highland cross cow Pumpkin Pie surprised us with 

this little boy on 6/2/2016, 

although she was 4 day's over due, she showed very little signs of delivering (I thought I had the wrong date.)

What a handsome fellow, we will call him Domino.

Cesar sure is stamping his calves with his good looks!

He is at least 75% Highland 

Domino tested NORMAL,  does NOT carry the Bulldog Gene


  • Miniature cow for sale,mini cows for sale
    Still wet and just minutes old. B.Date 5/15/2016
  • miniature bull for sale,mini cows for sale
    All dried off but a little unsteady.
  • mini bull calf for sale,mini cows for sale
    "Hi, I'm Chubbs and 22" tall at birth."
  • miniature  calf with cow,mini cows for sale
    "My mom is the Greatest!"
  • Running mini calf for sale,mini cows for sale
    It takes me awhile to rev up, but I can GO!
  • jumping miniature calf for sale,mini cows for sale
    I'm really MOOOving!
  • Baby miniature bull calf,mini cows for sale
    "Hellooo, I'm 2 weeks old."
  • mini bull calf for sale,mini cows for sale
    I'm 1 month old now. Mama says "I'm Handsome!"
  • miniature calf Chubbs,mini cows for sale
    I'm 1 month old now. I look brown but I will turn black.
  • Hairy mini bull calf for sale,mini cows for sale
    I'm as wide as I am tall.
  • Haltering a mini cow,mini cows for sale
    First time with a halter on.
Miniature cow for sale,mini cows for sale
Still wet and just minutes old. B.Date 5/15/2016


Thank You Kristi

Chubbs is living in Kansas now.

Miniature Highland cow Sparkles beat 

Miniature Highland cow Lady to the punchline!

Day 282, or 1 day early.

We shall call this mini cow "Chubbs."

This short but stout

 bull calf is 87.5% Highland.

Chubbs tested Positive for the short legged/Chondro/bulldog gene.

Breed him to your Highland girls and get 50% short/mini calves.



Thank You Tarah

This mini cow is for sale

Introducing "MOOchi"  a HighPark™ bull calf.

His new mom, Tarah  named him, I think it's an AdoraBULL name.

Miniature Highland cow Lady, 

waited 9 days

 over her due date 

and had him on 5/23/2016.

This B E A Utiful fellow is 75+% Highland.

Moochi tested NORMAL, 

 does NOT carry the Bulldog Gene .

Moochi lives in California.

  • Mini Moochithecow,bull calf,mini cows for sale
    Hello there.
  • Miniature cow/bull calf,mini cows for sale moochithecow
    I'm AdoraBULL! Almost dried off.
  • cute ,hairy,mini bull claf,mini cows for salemoochithecow
    Hi, I'm Moochi!
  • Moochithecow miniature bull,mini cows for sale
    Such a handsome boy.
  • Halter training mini cow,mini cows for salemoochithecow
    Moochi says "halter training is for the birds."
  • Moochithecow in halter,mini cows for sale
    WOW! I'm really getting good at this thing they call "halter training"
  • MoochithecowMini bull on pasture,mini cows for sale
    What fun! We get to go play with the goats in the pasture.



Thank You Tracey

Sugar has Mooved to North Dakota.

First calf of the season, 

Muma and Cesar's Heifer

...Love that Color!

This Sugar Dumplin will most likely be a Fluffy mini cow.

 (not hairy) 

Sugar lives in North Dakota.

  • Miniature cows are so cute,cows for sale
    Just born.
  • miniature cows for sale at our little acres
  • has miniature cows for sale
    Just under 20" at birth.
  • this miniature cows for sale
    I'm soooo cute!
  • miniature cows for sale now
    I mooooved in to the Big girls pen.
  • we have miniature cows for sale
    What the What! What IS this on my face??
  • miniature cows for sale at
    Getting cuddle time.
  • halter training miniature cows for sale
    Dumplin is 1 month old and having another go with the halter. Much Better!
  • miniature cows for sale on pasture
    I'm growing up!


Whether to start your own miniature Highland cattle fold, 

add a mini cow to your breeding program, or simply own loving mini cow pets.

Our Little Acres will work hard to match you with the mini calf/calves you've been searching for.

Calves start arriving in the spring and then we will have mini cows for sale.

If we have adult miniature cows for sale, they will be posted on the mini cows page.

Did you know?   Mini Cows are pregnant for 9 months, just like humans.

Why miniature cows?

- Miniature cows are small and easier to handle than full sized cows.

- Mini cattle eat less, 1/2 to 1/3 less.

- Mini cows are affectionate, most enjoy being  brushed and petted.

- Miniature cows can be transported in a small 2 horse trailer.

- Mini cows are great for volunteer work. 

- Miniature cows are wonderful for small acreage owners.

Mini cows can pay for themselves when you have calves for sale.