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Mini cows FOR SALE
This mini cow is FOR SALE


Our Little Steel Your Heart is an absolutely stunning bull calf out of Cutie Pie. He is a very light dunn that carries the wild type, 87.5% Highland, disbudded, and chondro positive  He was born on July 19th, 2023. Steel will be a wonderful addition to any breeding program and is sure to make beautiful babies when it's his time. 

Steel mini Highland bull at weaning.jpg
This mini cow is FOR SALE 

Our Little Pretty Boy is simply spectacular! He has the hair and build, add that he's a HighPark and he is a perfect package. One that we couldn't be more proud to have produced.  Dunn pointed carries the wild type, 93.75% Highland, chondro positive and horned. Pretty Boy is a Baby Eevee son, born on April 18th,2023.

Pretty Boy HighPark dream bull.jpg
Below are past calves that are now living their best lives. I hope you enjoy looking over our quality babies.
Baby Star mini Highland at Our Little Acres.jpg
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