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Lochlan is bred to most of the cows below.
We are very excited to see what he produces for us. We are
expecting small, hairy calves with calm personalities.
Our first calves should be arriving mid May💛
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Meet the Mini Highland Mama's
The girls below are not for sale.
They are our loved breeding stock.
yellow brindle micro mini
75% Highland cross
Sire;unknown Dam;unknown
Chondro positive & disbudded
Mature height 35"
Mac micro mini highland cross cow
Mac is a tiny tank!
she is just the cutest thing and enjoys getting treats.
Miniature black Highland 
Sire and Dam unknown
Mature height 41"
Puddin is a black mini Highland cow
Puddin is a gorgeous girl with her extra thick coat and dossan so heavy she can barely see. Puddin is a shy cow but, enjoys her snacks
Black micro mini
62.5% Highland cross
Chondro positive & disbudded
Sire and Dam unknown
Mature height 36"
Raven Mini Highland cross cow
Raven is by far the sweetest cow we have. She is a farm favorite and her calves have always taken after her gentle nature.
Lolli Pop
Black Highland
Sire and Dam unknown
mature height 43"
She's a gorgeous black Highland cow
Lolli is a beautiful, deep bodied cow with red highlights. Lolli enjoys her snacks but, no petty pet. LOL!
Cutie Pie
Dunn mini
75% Highland cross
Chondro Positive & disbudded
Sire;Cesar Dam;Buttercup
Mature height 38"
Cutie Pie the cow makes outstanding mini Highland calves
Cutie Pie is a gorgeous cow with a sweet disposition. she make outstanding babies! 
Little Red
0% Highland
Non chondro & polled
sire and dam unknown
mature height 39"
Little Red makes pretty mini cows for sale
Little Red AKA: Big Mama is a striking red with enough cake to sit in a chair(meaning, she's got bootie!) we love her pretty face and silly attitude.
Little Red is our only 0% Highland cow.
Baby Eevee
HighPark 87.5% Highland
Chondro Positive & Disbudded
Sire:Cesar Dam:Puddin
Mature height 39"
Baby Eevee is a stunning mini Highland cow
Don't tell anyone, but she's my pride and joy! Baby Eevee is my everything and I'm so very proud that I produced her. :)
Mini HighPark coloration
62.5% Highland
Chondro & disbudded
Sire;HighPark Dam;black HighDex
Mature height 38"
Poppy is a mini HighPark cow
Poppy is a pest, the best kind though. She can be a bit demanding when it comes to's NEVER, EVER enough! ;) 
Mini HighPark
75% Highland
Chondro positive & disbudded
Sire;HighPark Dam;Black HighDex
Mature height 38"
Penelope is a pretty mini HighPark cow
This pretty girl is thick! Penelope enjoys brushing on her terms, only when she's ready. She is the opposite of her sister Poppy.
Bitty Boo
50% Highland/Dexter/mini Jersey
Chondro positive & disbudded
Sire;dunn Dam;Red
Mature height 
Cute little mini cow Bitty
Bitty is Jerells favorite cow and I'm pretty sure that Jerell is her favorite human.
HighPark coloration
56.3% Highland
Chondro Positive & Disbudded
Sire;Dun pointed Dam;Red
Mature Height 
Fina is a HighPark coloration cow at Our Little Acres
Fina has become such a sweet girl. She loves her treats and getting a good petting. Fina does have a trait called crop/butterfly ear but, that doesn't affect her cuteness factor one bit! you can see in her photo that she is missing the tip of her ears.
Lady Bug
HighPark coloration
50% Highland
Chondro positive & polled
Sire; Dam;
Mature height 
Fancy brindle mini HighPark cow
The color on Bug is so striking! You can see where she got her name. Bug is a brindle HighPark and such a cutie!
Gracie Girl
Silver mini
87.5%  Highland
Chondro positive & disbudded
Sire;Dunn Dam;Silver
Mature height 
Gracie Girl mini Highland cow
Gracie is such a beauty with a bit of sass!
She loves being brushed and leaning on you as she gets her lovely locs untangled.
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