Miniature Cows and Fainting goats for Sale at Our Little Acres

Our Little Acres Specializes in miniature HighPark cows,

  featuring Miniature Highland cross cattle.

Mini cows are very trainable, some of our sold calves are "doing" agility.

 Miniature calves will be for sale in the spring of each year.

We love our Myotonic goats! Myotonic goats (commonly called Fainting goats) 

are very sweet,  just like having a big outdoor dog.

Myotonic kids will also be for sale in the springtime.


    Miniature Highland Cows  and  Fainting Goats are for sale in the spring here at Our Little Acres. 

              We love our miniature cows and Fainting goats and think you will too. So get on our waiting list

                  and you can have those special Miniature Highland cows or Fainting goats you've been hoping for.                          

What is a miniature HighPark?  In short, it is 

a small, hairy cow that is white with black, red, or dunn points. 

What are points? Points are the nose, ears, eyes and feet of our AdoraBull mini cows. 

Our Little Acres coined the word HighPark™ in 2014 for our bull Cesar. 

With a bit of hard work over the next few years we hope to 

create a registry for these wonderful mini cows.

People ask " Why haven't you started your Miniature HighPark™ registry yet?"

I wish I could, but in all actuality, starting a registry right now would be wrong in my eyes.

The  Miniature HighPark™are not breeding true, which is vital. 

Below is a list of items I feel should be required. 

                                                                                              * Height should be 42" or less at 3 years old                                                                                                                                                                                                     * 75% or higher Highland genetics

                                                                                              * White Park coloration produced on 90% of the offspring

I believe it can happen, but at this time anyone starting a registry for 

these little cuties, is doing so for monetary benefit.

I hope some of you will be on this journey with me.

 It will take time, commitment, caring, good record keeping and quality animals.

                     Thank You, Connie Graham

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