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Our adventure
Our Little Acres logo of miniature Highland

As a little girl I was fortunate to be able to experience farm life at my childhood friends home.  I loved all the animals but,

the calves were my absolute favorite and since you're here I bet they are your favorite too! 

Jerell and I met and dated for a few years, during that time was when I learned Jerell was also an animal whisperer (all animas love him, especially me) Jerell had 2 children, Jerell Jr. and Shalonda from his previous marriage and I had Garrett. We married in 1997 and in 1998 our daughter was born, now we have a yours, mine and ours family.  During a vacation to Mexico we took a guided tour of a beachside ranch on horseback, I knew right then that the connection with that large animal was something I'd been missing and wanted our children to feel.  Once we arrived home I began the search for a horse to lease. We found a gentle gelding named Jack and spent several days a week grooming, riding and simply enjoying Jacks company. Before the first month of leasing Jack passed, I found myself purchasing our first horse and named her Samira and 2 years later came Raven.

 Well, it made perfect sense to me that instead of paying to board our horses we should invest in land. It took some persuading but, I finally got Jerell to agree and

that was the start of it all!  We purchased 20 acres of raw land, had a house moved onto it and started the process of building the farm and by 2008 we were Est as Our Little Acres.

We had our horses and added Myotonic goats that our daughter showed in 4-H.

Over the years we raised sheep(I'm not a shepherdess)

potbelly pigs( I LOVE, Jerell not so much)meat rabbits(that did NOT work for me)

and  a variety of chickens for eggs.

In the year of 2010 Jerell and I were riding and he had a terrible fall that could have left him paralyzed, however we were very fortunate that he recovered with only a small amount of

long lasting pain but sadly, we never rode again as the fear of that fall never left me.  After 3 years of being pasture pets Samira and Raven left us to be a babysitter pony and a search and rescue equine.  Although heartbreaking we were very happy with their useful new lives.

It's 2013 and we are introduced to the world of miniature cows by way of Sadie showing our Myo's in 4-H. Sadie met a new 4-H friend that happened to show cows and while in the cow barn we point out the adorable little Herefords that we think are calves and Jennifer tells us they are in fact miniatures! Before that summer was over we had our very first pair of mini cows and by 2014 we purchased Cesar(Yes, The Cesar) and Cricket. Sadie and I coined the adorable description

of this perfect, hairy, white with black ears, nose and hooves cow

as a mini HighPark, we are obsessed, our lives have changed and we are happier for it!

We have mini cows for sale in the spring and summer and on occasion in the fall.

 Our Little Acres believes in quality over quantity and we strive to produce beautiful to look at, healthy, friendly enough to snuggle, mini calves that maintain their condition on hay/grass alone.

Our cows are perfect for us and you might find they are perfect for you too!

So reach out to us so you can have your very own Our Little calf.

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