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Our Little Acres

Farm of Connie & Jerell Graham Family,  Rush City MN  320-358-3991

Miniature Highland Cattle For Sale

Fainting/Myotonic Goat Farm

Little Man and his groupies

Check out our For Sale page.
Give a call or email to get on our waiting list for 2016 goat babies and Miniature cattle/Highland calves Scottish Highlands.
The 2016 waiting list has already begun.

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Our Little Acres

Hello and welcome from our family to yours. I’d like to introduce ourselves,
the man and the muscle of the house is Jerell, Connie/myself the idea girl,
and two of our children are Garrett & Sadie.

We have all lived on “Our Little Acres” since 2006, when our home was moved
onto our 20-acre property in Rush City, MN.

Shortly after our move, Jerell, with the help of our son Garrett and my
occasional direction (wink, wink) changed, altered, built and fenced the acreage,
to make a comfortable life for ourselves and our Miniature Highland
Cattle, Fainting/Myotonic Goats, dogs, cats & a few chickens.

Every day we feel Blessed.

So sit back and take a look around. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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