Meet the mini Highland bulls 

Our Little Acres specializes in miniature HighPark cows,

  featuring miniature Highland cross cows.

What is a miniature HighPark?  In short, a miniature HighPark cow is a small, 

hairy cow that is white with black, dun, silver, red, yellow, white, or brindle points.

Basically any traditional Highland color.   

What are points? Points are the nose, ears, eyes and feet of our adoraBull mini cows. 

Our Little Acres coined the word HighPark in 2014. 




Herd Sires


Semen straws available from Tucker
$200.00 plus shipping

Tucker is proudly co-owned with Elijah and Alicia Davis
 and now resides at Red Belle Farm



Sire; Apollo

Dam; Cutie Pie

Dun 75% Highland


Chondro positive

Tuck is such a handsome and 

sweet boy.

  We measured him on day 3 at 20" 

This royal dude is a real beaut! Anyone who has spoken to me knows that
I don't take collecting bulls lightly and they must be special, and he is special!

Our Little Tucker produced straws at 70% motility and was graded a B using a A-F system.
His Dam Cutie Pie has a beautiful udder and we are hoping that will 
 help Tucker pass genetics for good, well attached udders to his daughters.
Tucker has good width and deep of body, nice bone and spring of rib.
I almost forgot, Tucker is a grandson of Cesar by way of his dam Cutie Pie.

He continues to improve and makes me very proud!

 All unsexed semen straws are sold for conventional use with
no embryo flushing and the buyer is responsible for the shipping. 


Lochlan is proudly co-owned with Elijah and Alicia Davis
 and resides here at Our Little Acres

Our Little Acres is excited to introduce Lochlan. At 6 years old Loch is small framed, 42" topline, great hair, good feet, bear like head, beautiful horns, and a very calm personality. He came from an AHCA beef farm where his previous owner complained about his mother “No matter what bull I breed her to, her calves stayed exceptionally small.” We were able to confirm this by seeing 2 of his full brothers, a full sister, and his niece. His younger brother at age 3 stood at 39", his 7 year old sister was 42", and her(Lochs sisters) 4 year old daughter stood just slightly taller than her mother.  Lochlan is co-owned with Red Belle Farm who purchased his mother Sugar.  Loch is a Fullblood Highland that is truly small and I'm very excited to use him on my Chondro girls for 2024 calves in the hopes of bringing down size while adding hair, so who wants to join us on this new adventure? Also, just look at those stunning, healthy horns!
We have Heifer straws available on Lochlan

 All sexed semen straws are sold for conventional use with
no embryo flushing and the buyer is responsible for shipping.

$350.00 per straw


Semen straws available from Chubbs
$150.00 per straw plus shipping



Sire; Cesar

Dam; Sparkles

Hetero black

 87.5 % Highland

Chondro positive

Disbudded 0:

39" topline at

 6.5 yrs

Chubbs has a calm demeaner, compact size and the hair factor! 

Chubbs is a proven bull and has produced many calves of various colors, of course pending on the dam as well.

Photo above is in early fall coat

Chubbs was born a tiny tank with beautiful conformation and a thick, dense coat. His mother was my full blood registered Highland cow, Sparkles. Sparkles was 39" tall at 3yrs! 

She passed from unknown reasons in early 2021 and I miss her everyday, as she was my spirit animal. 

That being said, I'm so very excited to have the opportunity to offer semen out of this beautiful boy. 

Chubbs wasn't measured at 3yrs old but, I'd venture to guess he was approximately 37.5" at that time. 

 He was measurement at 39" topline at 6.5yrs old and has sired some gorgeous calves that carry on his hair, conformation and easy going temperament. Least we not forget, Chubbs is also a Cesar son.

 All unsexed semen straws are sold for conventional use with
no embryo flushing and the buyer is responsible for shipping.

$150.00 per straw


Lincoln is FOR SALE




Miniature silver 

pointed HighPark




Tracking to mature 44"

Lincoln is a silver HighPark and a minimum of 75% Highland. He is quite the little beefcake. ;)

Lincoln is calm

 and gentle


Rudy is the sire of the 2023 calves



Unregistered  Highland

Non chondro

Sire; Unknown

Dam; Unknown

44" topline

This little, yellow brindle bull has such nice hair, all the way down to his toes! He has a very calm demeanor which is very important in our program.


Reference for retained cows


Miniature Bull



Sold at 2.5 yrs - 39" at that time


Tested Pos. for Chondrodysplasia

(short legged gene)

Handsome is the word that comes to mind when

 you see this mini cow.

What a respectful bull with great muscling and conformation.

He was a true joy to own.


Why miniature cows?

- Mini cows are small and easier to handle than standard sized cows.

- Mini cows eat less, 1/2 to 1/3 less.

- Mini cows are affectionate, some enjoy being  brushed and petted.

- Mini cows can be transported in a small 2 horse trailer.

- Mini cows are great for volunteer work. 

- Mini cows are wonderful for small acreage owners.

Mini cows can pay for themselves when you have calves for sale.

Bulls are not pets. We love our bulls and we brush and pet them, but we never turn our backs to them. 

They have to respect us as "Herd Boss" but we also respect that they are animals and can be dangerous.