Miniature Highland Cows

**Here at Our Little Acres we believe in quality over quantity.

We choose mini cows for our program that will produce well conformed, 

healthy, and Adorabull miniature calves which are for sale in the spring.

We pair a Miniature bull that best matches a mini cow for Miniature calves that are highly sought after.

We always know who is bred to whom as we have 2 breeding pens.**

LSR Sparkle
Med. Red Pure Bred Highland Cow
Mature height approx. 40 inches
Miniature Highland Cow

Miniature Highland Sparkles

Simply put, she's a beautiful girl and everyone who comes to the farm notices her. 

She just has that something special.

Brindle Highland Dexter Cross
Mature height approx. 34 inches
Micro Mini Cow
Chondro Positive

Micro mini cow cricket

What can we say but "personality plus". Always first for brushing and treats and don't think because she's the smallest she gets pushed around, she doesn't, as she is second in charge.



lite Brindle

Miniature High % Highland Cow

Mature height 35"


Chondro Positive

Mac is such a pretty little addition to our fold.

To bad I didn't get a good photo of her when

 we first purchased her last year, you can see by her ear hair she gets a great dossan.



Miniature Black High % Highland  Cow

Sire -

Dam -

Mature height approx 40"

mini Highland Cow Puddin

 WOW look at her dossan, she can barely see.

Puddin is a shy girl, 

I'm not sure she will ever be tame. :( 



White Park colored Highland cross

Sire - Cesar/Dam - Cricket

Birth height - 16 inches

Birth weight - 29 lbs.


Mature height approx 37"

miniature Highland cross cow/HighPark

Just LOOK at her.

Is it a wonder were keeping her?

Stunning and a sweetie pie.

This mini cow is positive for Chondro.

Cinnamon Strudel


  Red  Mini Highland Cross  Cow


Mature height approx 38"

Chondro Positive

Miniature cow Cinnamon

Such a cutie patootie and

 oh, so friendly!



Black Mini Highland Cross Cow


  Mature height approx 38"

Chondro Positive

Miniature hairy cow Raven

Raven loves to go on walks,

 be careful or she'll slip thru the 

gate before you can shut it.

Ginger Snap


High % Light Red Mini  Highland Heifer

Approx Mature Height 40" 

Ginger miniature highland cow

Ginger is super cute!

She looks like she has a flower

in the middle of her forehead.

Cutie Pie


Dunn Mini Highland Cross


Birth height 20"


Micro mini

cute pet miniature highland cows for sale

What a Lovey!

This little girl is just the best.

We expect her to Stay small, keep her

 Hazel eyes and be a

 great addition to our Miniature breeding program.

This mini cow is Chondro Positive.



HighPark  high % Mini Highland


Birth height  23"


mini highland cow joules

Love this girl!!!

So excited to see her grow.

Joules is 87.5%+ Miniature Highland and

 a HighPark™ with dunn points

Were expecting great hair, deep body, and short legs.



50% Mini Highland Heifer



mini cow plays peek a boo

This little girl will be added to 

our HighPark ™ breeding program.

She is at least 50% Mini Highland and were hoping she will keep some of her hair, time will tell.

Junior Heifers



87.5% Highland



Chondro positive

mini cow Eevee with a bow

This little Chondro positive heifer is EVERYTHING! 

My HighPark™ program will benefit

 greatly with her birth,

 I'm exceptionally proud to have produced her.



Miniature Beltie



Chondro Positive

miniature highland cows dressed for Halloween

Rosie is just about as cute as they come!

She is our only "non" Highland.

 Jerell couldn't resist her face, Adorable!

This pic is of Rosie the Bumble calf.

Highland Cattle from the Scottish Highlands gather in a “fold”, while other cattle are part of a “herd”. 

Our hairy little cattle are Purebred Highland Cows or Miniature Highland Crosses, 

so it seems we have a fold and we're happier for it!


Our goal at Our Little Acres is to breed and sell, small, friendly, hairy Miniature Highland cows 

that maintain themselves on grass/hay alone. 

What is small, you ask? Right now the height of our mini cows at the top of the hip is 40” down to a tiny 34” tall. 

 36” and below is considered a “micro” mini cow, while 36” to 42” is a true miniature cow. 

Our miniature Highland cows are not perfect, but they are perfect for us and you might
also find them perfect for you.

Mini cows for sale start in spring - summer. 

Did you know?

 A Highland cows "bangs" are called it's Dossan.

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