Serious Buyers, Please note I will be requiring a $500.00 deposit to hold a calf, 

this deposit will go towards the purchase price of the calf, and 

will ensure you have first choice of calves.

If no calves meet your requirements  I will gladly refund your deposit.



2018  price list

Heifers - $4000.00+

Pet Steers - $1600.00+

Bulls - not available at this time


Hair length, small size and unusual color  play a roll in the cost of our calves.

Mini Cow Contract

All our Calves come with a 1 year Health Guarantee.

The picture on the left was taken 1 year earlier, picture on the right was taken 3/10/2017. 

Cinnamon is photo bombing!  This seems to be a "favorite" outfit for my hubby. LOL! 

Whether to start your own miniature Highland  herd, 

add a mini cow to your breeding program, or simply own loving mini cow pets.

Our Little Acres will work hard to match you with the calf/calves you've been searching for.