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Farm of Connie & Jerell Graham Family,  Rush City MN  320-358-3991

Fainting/Myotonic Goat Farm

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 Our goal is to raise & market quality fainting goats with good conformation, muscling and the wonderful personality you should expect in a fainting goat.
Our herd is handled daily to assure health and wellness.

We focus on small and medium sized fainters in various colors like black/white,
tri-colored, apricot & red, some wearing coats like the beautiful
peacock pattern
and the ever surprising moon spots. Add blue eyes, gold or brown eyes and
you have a pretty package that is easy to handle, maintain and a joy to own.

  • All of our fainting/myotonic goats are registered with MGR. We are proud members of this registry.

    MGR Myotonic Goat Registry.

    Visit this website to locate our registered goat's pedigrees.

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